Kody & Lauren Georgeson

Family Teachers – Oak Ridge Home

Kody and Lauren joined the Alpine Academy team in September of 2016 with their baby boy, Finn.  

After several years of working in the fields of their college degrees, graphic design and photography, Kody and Lauren felt a need to change their career focus to more closely align with their passion of helping others. They took a job as live-in providers at a treatment center here in Utah and grew to love the work they did with the youth in their home. Upon hearing about the Teaching-Family Model used at Alpine Academy, they were desirous to bring their passion here and further develop their skills and abilities.

Lauren is a passionate soul with a golden heart and an eye for art. Her love truly knows no bounds and all who are around her become fast friends and are never forgotten. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and a natural knack for relating to and working with teens. Her calm and patient approach is highly appreciated by those with whom she has the pleasure to associate.

Kody first caught Lauren’s eye with his patient and caring manner. She loved and appreciated the kindness and respect he showed to others. He is very genuine and has a sincere desire to help others. He worked for several years with young men in the Boy Scouts of America program and loved the opportunity to help them learn skills and prepare them for life.

The Georgeson family loves spending time together. Whether it’s photography and arts or hiking and camping, they take every advantage to be together and strengthen their bond.

Kody and Lauren have taken a favorite quote to heart and made it their mantra, “How you see a child is how you will treat them and how you will treat them is what they will become.”