Hans Ringger and Elin Isakson

Family Teachers – Gene Smith Home

Elin Isakson and Hans Ringger have been married since 2014 and first met in 2008. Hans and Elin are passionate about traveling, spending time outdoors, cooking, and playing with their Schnauzer puppy, Franz. Hans and Elin love being able to work together at Alpine. Being coworkers has been a long-standing dream of theirs.
Elin was raised mostly in Utah, but loves visiting other parts of the United States and other countries. Elin has worked as an English as a Second Language teacher to refugees and immigrants in Salt Lake City for the past 8 years. Because of this experience Elin is very patient and is passionate about education. Elin enjoys working with the girls in the Gene Smith home, helping to see the long-term value of education. Elin enjoys helping girls with their homework and solving problems at school. Elin also has experience working with teenage girls at another residential treatment facility and a delinquent youth camp. Elin enjoys working with the girls. She likes to challenge the girls and encourage them to do their best and make the most of their time at Alpine Academy.
Hans is from Mesa, Arizona, but has lived in Utah for the past 8 years. Hans worked in wilderness therapy for 4 years in Arizona and Utah. Hans is passionate about wilderness survival and enjoys teaching and using the skills he learned as a trail staff. Hans also loves music. He has played, toured, and produced albums with 3 bands. He enjoys sharing music with the girls and making up songs to entertain the girls in the home. For the past 8 years Hans has worked as a custom woodworker. He started as an employee for a local custom shop and now has his own business where he designs and builds custom furniture for customers. He enjoys working with the girls in the home and helping them to succeed in whatever their life path may be.