Dallin & Karyann Parkinson

Family Teachers – Willowcreek Home

Dallin and Karyann Parkinson were married in 2010 and have two wonderful children, Elsie and LaGrand. They lived in, and loved, Kentucky for three years while Dallin pursued a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. While Dallin interned as a therapist, Karyann raised their own child in addition to first two, then three beloved foster children. During this time, Dallin realized that, though he enjoyed practicing therapy, he preferred the day-to-day joys and challenges that came with foster parenting. When they heard about the family teacher position at Alpine, they knew that was the perfect place for them.

Dallin and Karyann grew up in a small town in California, started dating in college, and married just before Karyann graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies. Dallin worked throughout college as a music teacher at ScenicView Academy, a boarding school for adults with autism-spectrum disorders, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in English Literature. He loves the outdoors, playing obscure board games, and inventing ridiculous, fun activities (yoga ball bowling, anyone?). Karyann loves the noise and energy of a big crowd and the fun of keeping everyone engaged and entertained. She has led community education classes from child maturation classes for parents to parenting classes for single moms. Together, Dallin and Karyann find great joy in their work at Alpine Academy and love the opportunity to work and live with such incredible people.