Abigail Crouse, CMHC


  • EAGALA Certified
  • EMDR Certified
  • DBT Trained

Abby earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Pittsburgh. During her time, Abby worked primarily with children, adolescents, and parents progressing through the adoption system. Abby was also able to work one-on-one in a wraparound service with children experiencing behavioral and emotional struggles.

Based upon the enjoyment and interest she experienced at these placements, Abby continued to pursue her interests by obtaining a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. While in graduate school, Abby had the opportunity to work in a center specializing in substance abuse treatment of adolescents and young adults. Abby also worked in an outpatient facility for refugees and immigrants experiencing symptoms related to trauma, depression, anxiety, psychotic symptoms, and grief. She has also been trained in counseling perpetrators of domestic violence.

Abby added to her interest in trauma by involving herself in research focused on adverse experiences in childhood, along with diagnoses and treatment outcomes for trauma. Abby has been trained in several therapeutic modalities and has primarily utilized a mindfulness-focused CBT approach when working with clients.

Abby spends her free time hiking, running, and spending time with her friends. Abby is grateful to a part of the Alpine Academy team and to progress through this journey with the Academy’s girls towards their goals and envisioned futures.